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Contributor List 

Contributions are updated regularly. (TizKu L'Mitzvot)

Date Name Contribution Level Dedication/Comment
12/21/2010 Shelly and Lynda Levin   In honor of Doni Baratz’s Bar Mitzvah, and in honor of Matthew Cleeman’s Bar Mitzvah
11/30/2010 Moshe Rubenstein   In honor of the wonderful Hollywood community who were there for my family and continue to be there for so many.
 May HaShem repay your kindness ten-fold and end all suffering and illness.
11/08/2010 Daniel Bengio Chayil  
11/05/2010 Stephen and Sharon Clements   in honor of Sharon’s 10 year anniversary as a breast cancer survivor.
10/29/2010 Mindy Sinnreich   In loving memory of my father, Solomon Bernstein, my mother, Alice Bernstein and my dearest husband PHILIP who I miss so very much.
10/29/2010 Poliak Family Chayil  
10/29/2010 Fred and Lori Wittlin Chaim in memory of their beloved friend Jeanette Levine on the occasion of her 1st yahrzeit.
10/29/2010 Pauline Clements   in honor of her children and grandchildren, Sharon, Stephen, Miriam, David, Ari & Shira Clements and “Pink Shabbat”
10/15/2010 Harold and Nancy Zombek   In observance of yizkor.
10/15/2010 Robert and Donna Aschheim Chayil  
10/15/2010 Shelly and Lynda Levin   In honor of the birth of Sol & Deborah Lerer’s grandson, in honor of the birth of Silvio & Estee Sperber’s grandson,
 in honor of the birth of Silvia Sperber’s grandson.
10/15/2010 David and Arlene Goldberger   In memory of Saul Ganchrow’s mother, in honor of Jared & Tara Bienenfeld’s marriage, in honor of Jason & Karen Hammerman’s marriage.
10/06/2010 Israel and Debbie Wiznitzer   In memory of Phil.
9/21/2010 Avi and Judy Baitner Chazak In Memory of Phil Sinnreich, and wishing a refuah shleimah to Alec Feintuch.
9/20/2010 Judith Dach Chazak Ruben and Susan Gotlieb in honor of their daughter's wedding Jonanthan and Emma Hirsch in honor of the birth of their daughter Zena Parker in honor of the birth of her granddaughter Harriet Bloom.
9/15/2010* Ari and Cheryl Pearl Chayil  
9/07/2010 Suchie and Raisy Gittler    
9/07/2010 Willy and Harriette Moses   In appreciation to Shelly & Lynda Levin for their Yom Tov hospitality.
9/07/2010 Billy and Batzi Berman   In appreciation to Shelly & Lynda Levin for their Yom Tov hospitality.
8/30/2010 Jordan and Tammy Ditchek    
8/30/2010 Islon and Eve Seliger Chayil In memory of Frieda Seliger.
8/23/2010 Joshua and Andrea Leibowitz Chayil  
8/23/2010 Randi and Jason Schulman & Family   In memory of the yahrzeit of Randi’s mother Sandra Sperling.
8/23/2010 Neal and Bonnie Weinreb   To commemorate the yahrzeit of Al Weinreb.
8/23/2010 David and Monica Genet Chayil  
8/15/2010 Rebecc Fischer    
8/15/2010 James Hoffman Chazak  
8/11/2010 Fred & Lori Wittlin Chazak In honor of Norman Goldglantz’s birthday
8/11/2010 David and Joan Kornbluth Chaim  
8/11/2010 Menashe and Jamie Frank Chayil  
8/10/2010 Wally & Fay Fingerer    
8/09/2010 Howard and Susan Chusid Chayil  
8/09/2010 Marty and Marcy Hoffman chayil In loving memory of this special man who always found the time to help a friend and a community.
8/04/2010 Steve and Susu Danis Chayil \"Greet everyone with a pleasant face\"- Pirkei Avot/ Phil Sinnreich.
8/04/2010 Bea Rubenfeld    
8/04/2010 Sam and Heather Sered Chayil Refuah Sheleima to Alec Feintuch.
8/04/2010 Gary and Sandy Bloom   Donation sent to Young Israel, Memo field \"Phils fund.\" thanks for your hard work in getting this up and running.
 Yasher Koach to all those involved. Sandy and Gary
8/04/2010 David and Haya Tepper Chazak  
8/04/2010 Stephen and Harriet Goldberg Chayil  
7/29/2010 Andrea and Dean Palmer Eitz Chaim In memory of Phil Sinnreich and wishing a Refuah Sheleimah to Stacy Deutsch and Alec Feintuch.
7/29/2010 Dov and Debbie Linzer Eitz Chaim  
7/28/2010 Yakov and Miriam Amselem    
7/28/2010 Steven and Sarah Jacoby    
7/28/2010 Sean and Adina Sinnreich Chazak  
7/27/2010 Aron and Melissa Burger   In memory of their cousin Yehoshua ben Freida Liba.
7/26/2010 Neal and Bonnie Weinreb    
7/26/2010 Chaim and Samantha Hirsch    
7/26/2010 Jonathan and Doris Konovitch    
7/26/2010 Abraham and Naomi Sinnreich Eitz Chaim In loving memory of Phil.
7/25/2010 Carl and Debra Drucker Chayil  
7/25/2010 Steven and Jennie Kimmel Chayil To Phil Sinnreich: May our donations allow his spirit to continue to help our Shul and community.
7/22/2010 Jay and Ellen Adler Chazak  
7/22/2010 Renee and Elliot Kugelman Chayil In Memory of Phil Sinnreich, Kiddush Club Founder and longtime member.
 May his memory live on through his many friends and fellow KC members.
7/22/2010 Leon and Ilana Melnitsky Chayil  
7/22/2010 Stuart and Tova Courtney    
7/21/2010 Deborah Chames    
7/21/2010 Mitchell Rosenfeld   In honor of Howard & Ellen Rotterdam
7/20/2010 Brett and Robin Zuckerman Eitz Chaim In Memory of Phil Sinreich. Thank you for all that you did for our Shul and for the warm welcome that you gave me and my family and
 every new family that moved in to the community. Refuah Sheleyma to Alec Feintuch.
7/20/2010 Steve and Robin Kerzer    
7/19/2010 Jay and Deborah Wasserman    
7/19/2010 Earl and Donna Barron Chazak  
7/19/2010 Andrew and Sherri Gross   Refuah Shleima to all our Cholim
7/18/2010 Shmuel and Esther Rogatinsky Chazak  
7/16/2010 James Hoffman    
7/16/2010 Ilana Ben-Ezra    
7/16/2010 Bob and Debbie Hirsch Eitz Chaim In memory of; Murray Hirsch’s yahrzeit, Philip Sinnreich’s yahrzeit, Dale Bergman’s mother.
 In honor of the; engagement of Sandy Shulkes to Rachel Rein, engagement of Mark Lamet & Darryl Miller, marriage of Avi & Orah Lasko marriage of Eliana & Micah Katz,
 marriage of Ben & Eliza Dach, marriage of Jared & Tara Bienenfeld.
7/15/2010 Steven Zombek    
7/08/2010 Susan Grossman   In memory of her beloved father Dr. Sam Milchin - Shlomo Zalman ben Yitzchak HaLevi
7/08/2010 Avi and Debra Naider Eitz Chaim Wishing a refuah shleimah for Alec Feintuch
7/03/2010  Joe and Lily Rosenblatt Chazak refuah shlema to; lily's mother faige chana bat baila ruchel, yehoshua yitzchak ben gila hudia, to alec feintuck, Yaffa Shekhter.
 In honor of; the recent marriage of avi and ora lasko, recent marriage of jered and tara bienenfeld the upcoming marriage of stacey gotlieb
 and aaron philip, the recent graduations of kira dennis, nofi genet, and dina staiman, the recent dasch wedding celebration.
 In the merit of a refuah shlema to all the members of our community in need in the merit of a speedy return of gilad shalit in memory of ephraim sobol's brother Jay condolences to the family of rabbi atlas.
In honor of the birth of Howard & Carol Bienenfeld’s grandson.
7/02/2010 Michael Sinnreich    
7/02/2010 Avie & Sara Friederwitzer Chayil May Hashem grant a refuah shleimah to all the cholim and may we celebrate only s'machot until 120.
7/01/2010 Steven and Raisy Gittler Chazak  
7/01/2010 Jason and Blima Cohen Chazak Refuah Sheleima to all those in need.
7/01/2010 Howard bienenfeld Chazak  
7/01/2010 Tamar Davis Chayil In memory of my surrogate grandfather Rabbi Seymour Atlas.
7/01/2010 Alvin and Tamara Cohen    
7/01/2010 Jonathan & Michele Gluck    
7/01/2010 Joel and Barbara Coplowitz Chazak In memory of; Dena Jaffe’s father, Shimmy Shaw’s mother, Judy Kohn’s mother, Rabbi Seymour Atlas, Dale Bergman’s mother.
In honor of; Michael Cutler’s Bar Mitzvah, the birth of Sid & Shelley Newman’s granddaughter.
6/29/2010 Phil and Lisa Baratz Chazak  
6/29/2010 Maish and Tzivia Staiman Eitz Chaim  
6/21/2010 Gary and Diane Magid   In memory her father Philip Rossman and his mother Evelyn Lowenstein.
6/21/2010 Juan and Linda Sinnreich Chazak  
6/21/2010 Boaz and Daniela Rosenblat Eitz Chaim In memory of Mordechai Rosenblat.
6/21/2010 Noah and Rachelle Lewinger Chazak  
6/21/2010 Andrew and Samantha Sossin    
6/19/2010 Yaakov & Stacey Waldman Chayil Wishing a refuauh shleimah for all those who need it.
6/17/2010  Jess and Tsachi Baitner Chazak In loving memory of our dear friend phil, and wishing our friends, Avi Karesh, and Alec Feintuch a speedy recovery.
6/17/2010 Dani and Mimi Bengio Chayil In memory of Phil innreich and praying for a Refuah Shelema for Stacey Deutch & Alec Feintuch.
6/16/2010 Zev Dobuler   In memory of Phil Sinnreich, the Neshama should have an Aliya.
6/16/2010 Vanessa and Bram Portnoy    
6/16/2010 Shua Schlinsky Chayil Refuah Shleimah for all those in need.
6/16/2010 Jamie and Heather Hoffman Chazak In memory of Phil.
6/16/2010 Lisa Bloomberg    
6/16/2010 Mindy Sinnreich   In loving memory of my dear parents, Solomon and Alice Bernstein and My most beloved and dearest husband PHILIP,
 who is missed so much by so many.
6/16/2010 Brooke and Ari Goldberg   In memory of our father, Phil Sinnreich.
6/15/2010 Randi and Steve Zombek Chazak In Memory of Phil's Yahrzeit.
6/15/2010 Phil Chusid   In memory of Phil Sinnreich.
6/07/2010 Sammy and Lisa Rhein Chazak Refuah shelemah for alec feintuch.
6/06/2010 Michael and Sharon Brandt Eitz Chaim In Memory of Phil and BH a speedy refuah sheleimah to Alec Feintuch.
6/05/2010 Mark and Crissy Kogan Chayil  
6/05/2010 Marshall and Sharon Stauber Chaim In honor of a speedy and full recovery to Alec Feintuch.
6/03/2010 Fred and Lori Wittlin Chazak  
6/02/2010 Usher and Brenda Bryn Eitz Chaim In memory of Phil Sinnreich and wishing a Refuah Sheleimah to Stacy Deutsch and Alec Feintuch.
6/01/2010    David and Ilana Mark