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General Commment:

Phil's Fund is a groundbreaking and essential Fund in our community. We are always looking for ways to improve to meet the needs of our community. Beyond your financial contributions which are essential, please communicate with us at any time to suggest ways we can better serve our community.

Who administers payments on behalf of the Fund?

All contributions go into the Young Israel of Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale Charity Account to allow for a charitable tax deduction and simplify administration. However, all donations made to Phil's Fund will be used for needs related to the mission of the Fund. All distributions from the Fund will be made after consultation between the Rabbi a member of Phil's Fund Committee and in some circumstances a member of the Shul Finance Committee.

How can a family in need access funds?

Please feel free to contact Rabbi Davis or any member of the Phil's Fund committee. The committee members are listed in the "organizational committee" tab.

Can I earmark funds from my contribution to a specific family?

The goal of Phil's Fund is to assist our members who are dealing with serious illness and need help to pay for necessary medical services and items not covered by their insurance. We urge every Young Israel family to make a contribution to help insure that such funds are available. Please feel free to suggest an allocation from your contribution for a specific family. Your suggestion will certainly be given consideration. Please note that your contributions, irrespective of the amount or how it is allocated, can be listed in the shul bulletin and website according to your instructions. For example, you can donate in honor, memory, refuah shleimah, etc. to whomever you wish.

If I make payment by check, how can notify Phil's Fund how I wish my donation to read?

First, if you are making a donation by check, please be certain to write "Phil's Fund" in the memo section of your check. Second, please send a note together with your check or take a moment and send us a comment on our website indicating that you sent in your contribution by check. Kindly notify us of the amount and how you want your contribution recognized on our website and in the shul bulletin.

Can I change or cancel my contribution subscription and who can I notify?

You can go to pay pal to modify or cancel your contribution. Additionally, if you have any questions that are not addressed by pay pal, please feel free to submit your questions in the "contact us" section of the website.

Is Phil's Fund only available to members of the Young Israel?

Yes. However, we certainly hope that the Phil's Fund model will be adopted by many other synagogues so many families in need can be helped by members of their respective synagogues.

In addition to making financial contributions to Phil's Fund, can I help in other ways?

Please contact us and let us know if you are willing to volunteer your efforts on behalf of Phil's Fund. Ours is a dynamic fund and we can certainly find ways for you to help.

I have other questions which are not answered here. Where can I turn for answers?

Please feel free to submit your questions on the website in the "contact us" section. Additionally, the names of the Fund committee members are set forth on the website as well and you should feel free to contact any of the committee members with your questions, comments or suggestions.